National Association For The Blind (Employment & Training) Manesar

NABET INDIA : NGO In Gurgaon Haryana:

NABET is a registered NGO in Gurgaon committed to provide employment to the visually impaired/ handicapped and weaker sections of the society. Providing employment to the trained visually challenged people is its flagship project. Through its centre in Gurgaon the NGO aims to provide training for developing IT/ITES skill of its beneficiaries through its skill development programs NABET- Manesar along with its technology partners shall nurture and thereby create employment opportunities for the visually challenged and under privileged . The NGO espouses the fundamental principle of equal rights for handicapped people as incorporated in the UN Rights for equal opportunities and a life of self worth and dignity. It also runs various welfare schemes for them.

 Beginning this NGO in Gurgaon:

There was mass unemployment among the underprivileged youth specially in Delhi/Ncr and thus it was important to set up this NGO in Gurgaon.The major Cause for this unemployment was lack of proper education/Skill.Most of the underprivileged youth dropped out of school to take up jobs to support their families and themselves. Many were also unaware of prevalent career opportunities and the courses required to be completed persuade them.There was a need for the NGO in Gurgaon to provide career counselling and specific training to these students  

What Impact has this NGO in Gurgaon Had

In the past 3 years NABET has been able to train around 1500 + students on various computer applications and Internet usage. Our students have been from all over India and come to Nabet with a dream. A dream to be independent and job ready. Our trainers work round the clock with the students and provide all sort of support and motivation. Apart from computer based application training we also provide Voice and Accent training and personality development.NABET has been able to create maximum employment for its beneficiaries because of the industry linkage and the exact match of our ciriculum with the industry requirement. Counselling and motivation session are held frequently so that the trainees be motivated and confident to face the various facets of life. Our trainees are employed in and around Delhi/ NCR and those who have returned to their native places have found employment and live a comfortable and happy life.The efforts of this NGO in Gurgaon have borne fruit as many of its students have got gainful employment.


Who Are We?

NABET Manesar is Haryana’s first social enterprise primarily focused in the IT and ITES Services. We are a team of 40 motivated individuals.

Our Skills

  • Enthusiastic

  • Passionate

  • Committed to a Goal

  • Building capacities

  • humanitarian


Nabet is indebted to the partnering companies who have supported our activities.  These companies have provided job opportunities to our NGO and thereby helped us in carrying our training and employment activity. We express our sincere thanks to these brands.