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handicapped studying

handicapped studying

The society in general has a tendency to avoid disabled people who make us feel uncomfortable or perhaps guilty . There is a kind of prejudice or discomfort towards disabled .This discomfort manifests as pity , avoidance or mockery at worst . Not knowing how to act with such specially abled people is sometimes the major reason for their indifference.
Bringing the disabled into the mainstream education system could be the best way to bring about long term acceptance by the society. Having the disabled among their peers from a very early age could contribute in changing the perception/ attitude .This alone however may not be enough to bring about the necessary change .Creating awareness about their plight is also required in order to create a truly inclusive classroom .

It is important to instill compassion rather that assume its presence in order to prepare the future generations. Its important to make them understand the daily struggles which the specially abled face in order to lead a normal life.

Sensing this need the Indian government has taken a few baby steps in the right direction
The Directorate of Education has published a list of private school who have expressed readiness to accept disabled children. Many schools do not have the facilities required for such students. Few schools claim to be accessible as they have the ramps required by handicapped students suffering from locomotive disabilities . However there is a general callousness of schools towards this cause. Many schools also lack in having the special teacher to teach the hearing and / or visually impaired .

In my opinion it is important to hand hold the school initially in order to walk this so far unchartered road. The government need to introduce standards to check for preparedness of schools and also offer incentives to those making efforts in this direction.

With the ever increasing number of disabled who are deprived of proper formal education it is not possible to keep procrastinating matters Early action is the need.

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