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The Govt of Haryana conferred the best NGO in Gurgaon award to Nabet on theoccasion Republic Day – 2018. It marks a huge turnaround for an effort and concept initially thought too wishful to fructify.
Nabet’s journey towards empowerment of blind/handicapped has come a long way.The center started its initiative to train blind/handicapped people on industry specific skills. The job roles were carefully identified-considering the need of the industry on the one hand and the skill levels of the beneficiaries on the other. This exercise was well researched. It also turned out that the industry was afflicted by attrition of trained workforce and it required human resources regularly. It

Best NGO in Gurgaon

Nabet India declared best NGO in Gurgaon by Education Minister Haryana State Shri Rambilas Sharma

was a win-win situation for both. The industry got trained and dedicated workers and our blind/handicapped resources got the much needed jobs.
it was an upturn in many other ways too.The blind got out of a huge mental barrier. That they could work , earn and live a life of self dependence . For the industry it was a novel concept .Through technological interventions and a specially designed training curriculum the blind could perform at par with their healthy counterparts. It was a renaissance of sorts.
Today with over 1000 such trained and employed resources the concept has stood the test of time.The industry now considers them as useful resources It has been a wonderful turnaround.
Technological interventions,assistive devices,special softwares has been the cornerstone of the success story. However this has been possible only in the IT/ITES sector. Many handicapped beneficiaries are not IT trained but have other skills -in plenty.The need therefore is to harness the yet untapped reservoir human resources and move on to reach the large segment of such people who are yet to benefit from interventions yet made. Nabet is well on to the unchartered road ahead.

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