Good Governance




Monitoring Principle –

The management of NABET is principled on the concept of good governance and effective monitoring.  We believe that maintaining a proper book of accounts, periodic reporting, impact analysis studies and proper documentation be maintained for effective implementation of any programme.


  1. Decision Making
    We follow a structured decision making process.
Decision Making

Decision Making

This involves suggestions and opinions at the grass-root level and the experience and wisdom at the top management.
The best corporate practices are put in place keeping in mind the beneficiaries interest and the skill development which is the mission of the organization.
We have a tiered approach in our policy formulation wherein concepts are vetted at various levels before it is approved by the Trustees.


Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

Impact analysis of the programme is then carried out to evaluate the effectiveness . This is particularly important for evaluating the incisiveness  and change of lives analysis is then submitted.
It is a tool by which the company can evaluate the impact of their CSR activity and so that they can gauge their impact.