Project Vidhi  —- Supported by Gail India 

Vidhi is a training and emloyment generation program carried out by NABET with the support of GAIL India.



Blind/ underpreviliged trainees from different parts of the country underwent the training programme and they were made job ready in this extensive training course of 6 months. We trained 15 trainees from all over India on keyboard usage, screen reader softwares, MS- Office, Internet Explorer and special applications. All our 15 trainees are now placed in various companies and are living an independent life free from any financial liability.

We carry this programme yearly and it has received phenomenal success. Trainees from as far as Hyderabad, Dhanbad,  Salem etc have completed the training programme and our leading comfortable lives. We have been able to convince the families of few of these trainees to allow their children to pursue their careers in the mainstream industry  in the major towns. Few of them have returned to their native lands and started their small enterprise.