Employment For The Visually Challenged and Under Privileged ( to be initiated shortly)

After completion of the training and building the skill set in our programme Project Vidhi it was important for NABET to seek for employment avenues for our trainees. This was also important as the essence of the training lies in creating employment avenues for the trainees so that they can lead a life of dignity and self worth without charity. The concept of Project Vijay was created so that the trained visually challenged and under privileged resources at our centre can gain employment and thereby lead a life free of charity and a financially independent life. This is going to be an all India programme where trainees can avail the employment specific training at our centre. In case the trainees are not able to visit our centre and complete the training our trainers will reach out to the these trainees at their place of residence. We have developed the module wherein the trainees can earn from home by simply  spending 03 -04 hours daily on the internet .