Project Vriksha’s main aim is to sensitize the citizens about the need to protect the environment. Thousands of saplings have been distributed and planted in a short span of time and we are overwhelmed by the response and support we have got in a short span of time. Nabet encourages people to be aware that how a small step like planting a tree can bring a tremendous change in our environment. Planting trees would be the best gift we can give to our successors. Planting trees is the best way to maintain an ecological balance and it becomes equally vital for newly developed cities like Gurgaon to be more concerned about environment. This initiative by National Association for the Blind Employment & Training Manesar is unique because they are not only planting and distributing saplings but also have invited school children to come, witness and learn the importance of trees in everyone’s lives. It is the students of Gurgaon leading school’s that makes the activity a landmark event for the residents of Delhi and gurgaon.


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