Mr Ravi Pani - Nabet India

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Mr Pani
Legal Advisor

Ravi S. Pani ( Age 60 yrs), a Chartered Accountant and Law Graduate, with an experience of over 30 years, in the field of Corporate Finance, Legal Compliances and Management Consultancy. Worked in different sectors of industry like Reality & Infrastructure, Hospital & Health Care, Information Technology, Insurance and Risk Management. Hotel & Hospitality, Telecom Services.
Engaged as Finance Specialist at Project Management & Monitoring Consultants (PMMC), Minst. of Urban Development, Govt. of India and the Asian Dev. Bank (ADB) Grants for development of North-East Region of India under the NERUDP Project, in July 2015. Reporting on Financial Statements of Project Audit- of SAO (Supreme Audit Office, Govt. Of Afghanistan) - under the Grant of International Development Association (IDA) of World Bank Project. Municipal Accounting of “Madhya Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor Programme (MPUSP) as Project coordinator.